Linda Sandvik's resume (of sorts)

I'm an interface developer & wannabe MacGyver. Recently done Happenstance project, UX internship at and Code Club. I believe there are better things to do in life than writing (and reading) resumes. Here's a collection of stuff people have said about me, but you should meet me to make up your own opinion.

“Linda, you are the balls of this group”

Sebastian Marenius - Hyper Island classmate

“You know, sometimes I think you are Italian”

Lorenzo Calvani - Italian UX/UI designer & classmate

“I used to think you were a besserwisser,
but now I realise you actually know all this shit”

Christoffer Hedberg - Creative designer, classmate

“You actually have quite a rock'n'roll life-style”

Chris David Mills - at Build conference in Belfast

“You are a hippie”

James Governor - at the MonkiGras after after party

“You are the luckiest person I know”

Paul King

“When I was younger, I wanted to be you”

Thayer Prime - my role model

“Geeky, funny, intelligent and passionate.
If you were a man you'd be perfect”

Clare Sutcliffe

“Your mind is so beautiful and brilliant.
It makes me happy”

Robin Grey

“Well intentioned amateur”

comment in the Independent

“If there was a cowboy award, it should go to you”

Will Grant, journalist and cowboy

“You're Wozniak”

an "insult" from Aral Balkan

“Basically this generation's Tim Hunkin”